Christmas 2000

What’s so special with Christmas on the year 2000? Well, it’s the first Christmas of the new millennium and it’s also the first time that the city government of  Davao implemented a no-fireworks policy. I love fireworks display but not the loud, ear-shattering firecrackers. Nonetheless, I miss those times where my stepfather and I would buy them on the hours before Christmas eve. It was something that I’ve been looking forward to for five years straight at that time.

This is one of those memories that I really miss and wish that I can do again, particularly the fireworks shopping spree for it is one of those bonding moments I have with my stepfather. 4 years before that we were into video gaming, then basketball and biking. It must have been hard for him back then because he was a bit heavier but he still managed to make it through to each of my requests. Now that I’m a father, I’m starting to feel my body’s complains, but I know somehow I can manage not because I try to keep myself healthy but also because I want my kids to enjoy playing with me.

I bet there’ll be more memories that I want to happen again but life is just like that. We miss doing things as we grow old but we replace them by making new memories. We can only look back to reminisce good memories but our lives move forward to allow us to create new ones. At the end, what remains are the people we have shared those memories with. We don’t need to look back in our past because we can always feel them in our hearts.

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