Why I Love Giving Surprises More Than Receiving One

After getting a big surprise a few weeks ago from my friends, I realized more and more that I’m not really good in receiving great surprises. For one, I feel that I don’t deserve something so grand. Two, giving a surprise is very fulfilling. And lastly, being on the receiving end feels like being out of my comfort zone, which makes me feel awkward or even emotional. You have much more control when you give a surprise. You know what you want to happen. When you receive one, you have no idea at all of what’s about to happen.

Well, I think it’s just that my heart couldn’t handle the adrenaline of being surprised compared to giving one. And that I love it when people like the surprise that I, together with other people, have prepared. I do believe that someone who knows how to give a surprise also knows how to receive one. So hopefully, I won’t have these feelings anymore whenever I receive a surprise.

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