2nd Speech Project: When Venus Meets Mars

142 million miles is the distance of Mars from the sun. 67 million miles is the space between the sun and Venus. Subtracting these two values will give us 75 million miles, which is the distance between Venus and Mars. These two planets were used by Dr. John Gray to represent men and women and how the relationship between these two groups works. In reality, the 75-million mile distance is similar to the distance between men and women. It’s a distance that each one must overcome in order to have a good relationship. However, one of them has the disadvantage in terms of finding their partner in life.

This realization came upon me because of a joke I circulated to my group of close friends composed mostly of girls.  They even labeled it as a curse. And the joke, or rather the curse, is that it is because they have me as a friend that they are still single and have no boyfriends yet. They’ve never been in a relationship ever since they met me. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, I do believe it’s just a coincidenceJ, I find it something worth pondering about. I asked myself why it takes so long for that one person meant for them to appear. For how long must a woman wait? Why can’t he come yesterday, last week, last month or last year? I thought and searched for answers. I finally concluded that there’s a disadvantage, that Venus can only do as much to find or have her Mars. More than this conclusion, I found three realizations. First, good looks are not a guarantee that a girl can easily have a boyfriend. You may have friends who are drop dead gorgeous and GF-test passer but are unexpectedly not in a relationship. Second, good personality is not a sure-shot way in securing a relationship. Compatibility covers a lot of aspects and some people don’t just dig into a woman or a man that is goody-goody. And third, that nobody will ever know exactly if a person is the one meant for them. My friends had several prospects they thought to be the one. In the end, the feeling was not mutual or the spark was just not there.

Now, given these reflections, how can Venus meet her Mars then? For the part of Venus, she needs to be patient and ready for the time when Mars will come by to sweep her off her feet. For Mars, who also holds a crucial role, must reach for Venus. From there, they must cooperate to make things work out. And only through that can the disadvantage be solved. There still lies one question for us, where is Mars? Or where is Venus? Both of them may have no knowledge where but they do know they’re just 75 million miles apart. A great distance, yes, but with a Venus willing to wait and a Mars who will make a move as soon as he finds her, it’s just a matter of time for these two worlds to collide.

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