Life, Love, Wife


This is the poem I wrote back in September for our Anniversary today (Dec. 22).

by Ryozen

I long
For thy gentle hands
The soft caress into mine
Forever our fingers intertwine

I thirst
For thy sweet lips
Kissing them so delicately
Engulfing me with ecstasy

I seek
For thy lovely face
Enlightens my long day
Brighter than the sun of May

I desire
For thy heavenly embrace
Soothing like the clouds
All sadness it shrouds

I admire
Thy brilliant mind
Sharp like a knife
A treasure for life

I dream
To see the world with you
Mesmerize on the scenes
Enjoying the cuisines

I hunger
For the food you cook
No ironman chef can beat
Anything you cook I’ll eat

I aspire
To be the greatest dad
Our kids can ever have
One they’ll be proud to have

I want
To be the greatest husband
You can ever have
You’ll be proud to have

I wish
To make you happy
Give everything you want and need
If I can’t I won’t succeed

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