Leaving a “Company” of Friends

I’ve worked in two multi-national companies in the past 4 years. When I left the first company, it didn’t feel so hard to say goodbye. With the second company, it was terrible to say the least.

When you’ve been with people for more than 3 years and you get used to seeing them everyday, it’s really, really hard to take those things away from your system. I’ve never felt so lonely because I am closed to a couple of friends there and just seeing them each day for the past 3 years made me feel they’re like my siblings. I know I’ll miss them. I won’t be able to help them the way I did before but I’ll always be here for them.

Sometimes I wish I’m the type who can’t get along easily with other people. Sometimes I wish I don’t have that urge to help, the urge to know different things so I can help other people. Sometimes I wish I am hot-tempered. Why wish all these things? So that I won’t have friends. I won’t have friends that easily. But God doesn’t want me to have those qualities. Being an only child, having friends will compensate for the lack of siblings. I have friends in order for me to feel that I am needed, that I am not alone and that I have no reason to feel empty because I have so much.

I only wish the best for my friends. I can never thank them enough for having me as one of their friends because it wasn’t just plain friendship for me. They mean a lot to me as much as one cares and loves their brothers or sisters.

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