Touched by My Mother’s Simple Act of Love

Back in elementary and high school, my mother and I would always fight over what television show to watch from 5pm onwards on weekdays. I’d prefer GMA 7 because of the anime episodes being aired, while Mama would prefer the news and soap operas. And that’s why I was really surprised one Saturday afternoon.

I was in grade 6 at that time and I was in our school’s gym doing our band practice with the rest of the drum & lyre band members. I suddenly saw Mama waiting in one of the entrance gates of the gym. I went to her and noticed the small plastic bag she’s holding. It turns out that the bag contains VHS tapes and one of them is a Dragonball Z movie (the one with Coola as the villain), which wasn’t even released in theaters at that time. She cheerfully told me the story of how she found the tape from Emcor and how she was so delighted to find it.

As simple as it is, it truly touched my heart.

I have a similar story of simple act of love about my wife and our son. But I’ll reserve that in my next post.

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